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Jeff Cook is an experienced freelance video editor, producer/director, writer based in the Washington DC area. Constantly broadening his 30 year production career, Jeff Cook brings creative conceptual, logistical and technical support to any type of media project. Whether called on for turnkey post or slipping into an existing production team, Jeff delivers the judgment and experience to assure a successful product.

Jeff's work is seen worldwide, and has attracted awards including Cine Golden Eagles, Communicator Awards, Telly Awards, Monitor Awards, Peer Awards, and the first National Daytime Emmy Nomination for The Discovery Channel.


Bachelors Degree in Radio-Television-Film
Minor in English
University of Maryland, College Park

Adobe Premiere Pro
Apple Final Cut Pro
Avid Non-Linear Editors
Avid Advanced Operations
Avid Instructor Certification

DaVinci Color Correction
CMX3600 Edit Controller
Ampex ADO
EMC2 Non-Linear Editor

  Advanced Video Operations
Still Photography & Darkroom
Film Production (AFI)


FREELANCE EDITOR/PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/WRITER/SHOOTER as COOK STUDIOS INC. Providing freelance video editing, producing, directing, scriptwriting services, also edit instruction, helicopter aerial video & photography, podcast programming, production & distribution. With Premiere, Final Cut and Avid, assuring creatively energized and technically tight postproduction.
(Washington DC area - since April 91)

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/WRITER/EDITOR for UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE. As Contract Producer/Editor, created promotional, educational, and policy programming for a $65 Billion congressionally controlled corporation. Routinely and autonomously researched and created new product multimedia launches, shaped policy video updates with the Postmaster General, managed the USPS YouTube site, produced pool-camera packages for national media. Produced studio & on location shoots, directed crew & cast in-studio and on location, plus editing and delivery to 500,000 Postal employees, the US Government, and the general public.
(Washington DC – December 2011 to September 2014)

VIDEO PRODUCTION INSTRUCTOR at GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY DOCUMENTARY CENTER. Taught BetacamSP field shooting, location lighting, Avid editing for adult students at media institute. Included course planning, project proposal analysis, production advising, supervision, evaluation.
(Washington DC - March 01 to June 01)

AVID OFFLINE/ONLINE EDITOR, AVID INSTRUCTOR for HENNINGER VIDEO with Avid Media Composer & EMC2 Non-Linear Editing Systems at several Henninger facilities. Edited documentaries, industrials and commercials for broadcast, cable and independent production companies. Responsible for creative editing, consulting & online advising, troubleshooting & maintaining computer systems.
(Washington DC, Richmond & Arlington, VA - June 91 to April 95)

TELECINE/VIDEO COLORIST for HENNINGER VIDEO with DaVinci Renaissance Color Correction system. Specialized in tape-to-tape video-sweetening of edited programs, including image repair and creative visual enhancement. Film transfers on Bosch FDL-60 telecine. Developed technical procedures, wrote articles for industry publications. Served as visual evaluation expert for High Definition Television systems.
(Arlington, VA - Jan 91 to July 93)

ASSISTANT VIDEO EDITOR for HENNINGER VIDEO. Responsible for complete online prep, Chyron Superscribe & Infinit!, still store, Motion Control Camera, offline, online editing with CMX3600 controllers, Grass Valley switchers, ADO, dubbing, with full operation of all video formats including D2/D1. Trained incoming staff, organized daily procedures, designed standard production forms.
(Arlington, VA - May 88 to Jan 91)

TELECINE COLORIST & VIDEO TECH for KLM VIDEO with Marconi B3410 Telecine in all video and film formats. Provided film-to-tape transfers for governments, corporate and independent producers. Also general video tech services including copy camera, cg and graphics manipulation, dubbing.
(Bethesda, MD - July 87 to May 88)

PRODUCER/WRITER/EDITOR/VIDEOGRAPHER for NASA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION. Created video production department and solely responsible for all elements including producing, writing, shooting, editing and distribution for point-of-purchase video marketing and employee training. Served as primary announcer and occasional on-camera talent. Developed program format which continues today.
(Riverdale, MD - Jan 84 to Jan 87)

FREELANCED IN VIDEO & FILM PRODUCTION as production assistant, 16mm cinematographer, videographer, production stills photographer, video assist, art department, propshopping, film courier, grip. Performed as narrator and extra talent. Enjoyed a variety of responsibilities at many budget levels. Worked extensively on commercials & PSAs, documentary and some dramatic projects.
(Baltimore/Washington DC area - Aug 84 to Dec 87)

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT with INSLEYFILMS. As production intern, assisted with commercials and PSAs originating on 35mm film. Participated in large-scale production, dealt regularly with production service companies, rotated crew positions, gained working knowledge of high-end production standards.
(Baltimore, MD - June 86 to Aug 86)

TEACHING ASSISTANT for production classes at UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, including classroom instruction, production advising, equipment training, scheduling and maintenance, film shooting, editing and projection. Studio support as on-camera talent, floor manager, lighting, control room staff.
(College Park, MD - June 83 to Aug 86)

PROJECTIONIST for CIRCLE/SHOWCASE THEATRES. Operated theatrical 35mm projectors, both reels and platters for first-run features. Included trailer selection, print assembly and breakdown, light maintenance.
(Washington DC area - Dec 82 to Dec 83)

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT for MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONAL MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY. Responsible for a wide variety of studio and remote operations, including camera, audio, lighting, floor managing, directing. Rotated through many production positions for overall competence.
(Rockville, MD - Aug 77 to May 78)


Jeff has produced & presented educational and recreational activities including:

NOVAC STAR GAZE - Annual public astronomy events for 600 novice and experienced amateur observers, 4 years
GODDARD AT NIGHT - Public astronomy events at the Visitor Center of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 3 years
GAELIC LANGUAGE IMMERSION WEEKENDS - Sustaining the Scottish Gaelic language, music & culture, 4 years
EARLY MUSIC WEEKENDS - Renaissance music classes & performance, on recorder & other instruments, 2 years
K-12 SCHOOL PROGRAMS - Introducing video production & amateur astronomy to young people, Ongoing
DCPILOTS - Website & email discussion group for General Aviation in the greater Washington DC region, 7 years


THEATRE MANAGER for NTI NEW CARROLLTON THEATRE. Directly responsible for a 900-seat single-screen movie house, including a staff of twenty. Performed all business and customer relations functions, as well as concessions, trailer selection, and otherwise strived to maintain a truly classic theatrical presentation.
(New Carrollton, MD - Dec 80 to Dec 82)

ASSISTANT MANAGER for NTI LANDOVER SIX THEATRES. Responsible for cash handling, scheduling, merchandise and attendance reports, employee and customer relations in an 1800-seat multiplex movie theatre.
(Landover, MD - July 79 to Dec 80)

ASSISTANT MANAGER for LANDOVER SNAP SHOPS. Operated a retail camera and photofinishing establishment, including inventory management, customer/staff tutoring, demonstrations and sales.
(Landover, MD - Mar 79 to July 80)


Private Pilot, Sailing, Backyard Astronomy, Motorcycling, Bicycling, Flyfishing, Guitar, Tuvan Throatsinging



FBI ACADEMY 'DEADLY FORCE' SCENARIOS (5 min x 60 scenarios) - Interactive DVD & CD-ROM presentations to train new agents in policy judgement, self-defense procedures and reflexes, for life-threatening law enforcement scenarios. Included exotic use of nonlinear editing techniques, precision tracking of actions, sounds, and seamless visual interactive branching. Program to be used by law enforcement agencies nationwide.

THE SCIENCE OF HIV (30 min) - Targeted high school students; a functional description of the workings and impact of HIV. Sensitive blend of hard science and real people. Editorial mix of traditional construction with abstract continuity. Distributed to high schools by the National Science Teachers Association; broadcast on The Discovery Channel where it drew their first Daytime EMMY nomination.

CHINCOTEAGUE: VIRGINIA'S ISLAND TREASURE (30 min) - Unique life and history of a small Atlantic coast town, especially the magical wild ponies. Airs annually on PBS, Home Video.
TELLY AWARD: Finalist for Editing
SCHOOL LIBRARIES: Award of Excellence

THE SPIRIT OF PUNXSUTAWNEY: GROUNDHOG DAY (30 min) - Playful & exploratory visit to a unique American town; evolving mythologies which attract the world's attention for one day each year. Airs annually on PBS, Home Video.
SCHOOL LIBRARIES: Award of Excellence

THE MUSICIANS OF ARMY BANDS (7 min) - Music driven tour highlighting diverse careers in today's Army Bands. Targeted at young adults and high school students.
COMMUNICATOR AWARD: Crystal Award of Excellence

VIRGINIA TECH (30 sec x 3 spots) - Image spots for broadcast showing advanced capabilities and opportunities at a major institution.

LBJ: THE PRESIDENT (30 min) - For the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library by the National Park Service. Biographical film of Lyndon & LadyBird for permanent display at the main facility in Texas.

EXPLORING YOUR BRAIN (60 min) - Annual program covering various topics of recent brain research and the people affected. I served as compilation/revisions editor, integrating segments from several editors for content and style. Produced by WETA-TV, aired nationally throughout PBS in March 2000.

TOUR DELUXE WITH GREG GRAINGER (30 min x 13) - Created a new travel series, using several seasons of an Australian series as source material. Travel Channel.

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL (60 min x 20 episodes) - Converted a British emergency medical series for an American audience. Discovery Health Channel.

GREAT COUNTRY INNS (30 min x 26 episodes) - Original series highlighting a new appealing American inn each week. Weekly audience of nearly one million people on The Learning Channel.

KITCHENS AND BATHS (30 min x 10) - Original series showcasing unique designs of American homes and the people who created them. Home & Garden Television.

SAY YES/DI QUE SI (30 min x 2) - Introduced JOB CORPS, a program guiding young people into productive work life. Spanish & English versions.

AWARENESS: SAUDIA AIRLINES (17 min x 2) - Highlighting the modern transportation & data systems of a major international airline. Arabic & English versions.

UNDERSTANDING: EXTRATERRESTRIALS (60 min) - Current thinking on the likelihood and impact of life elsewhere in the universe, with scientists, authors, amateur astronomers, and Hollywood effects designers. The Learning Channel.

REVERSIONED APPROX 40 PROGRAMS FOR CABLE NETWORKS (rescripting, recutting, retiming):
GREAT BOOKS (TLC): Plato's Republic, Catch 22, War of the Worlds, Sun Tzu-The Art of War, etc
UNDERSTANDING (TLC): Several episodes
ASSIGNMENT DISCOVERY (TDC): Repackaging existing programs for thematically-based teen school use
TLC ELEMENTARY (TLC): Repackaging existing programs for thematically-based child school use

PROMOS FOR CABLE NETWORKS - including Animal Planet, Discovery Wings, Discovery Health, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, Home & Garden Channel

COMMERCIALS & PROMOS for PBS, CNN, Mobil Oil, MelloYello, National & State political campaigns, various infomercials for wide variety of products

WEB CLIP VIDEO PRODUCTION - 300 webclips for The Discovery Channel School websites. Involves promo editing, data rate strategies, computer/video file processing. Ongoing.

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